Aka, no, I don’t want to read your daily fluff piece message, I’ve got a million other things to do

As I type this I have a red bubble over my Mac Mail app icon telling me that I have 5793 unread emails, by the time I wake up in the morning, there will probably be a dozen more that I still have no intention of reading. It used to be that even if I didn’t read the messages I would click on them anyway just to get rid of that red box, but quite frankly, who has the time anymore? For the last few years, the phrase “build your email list” has become synonymous with the idea of building and scaling one’s business to astronomical heights. The only issue with this though is that email open rates are getting lower and lower as people are tired of the endless flow of often useless messages clogging up their inbox. With email open rates averaging less than 30%, it is fair to say that I can’t possibly be the only one tired of the daily barrage of emails from every angle, apparently, inbox fatigue is an actual thing. Maybe I’ve just signed up for more opt-ins than I care to count or there is just too much else going on in my life, but the fact of the matter is that in a world obsessed with interaction, email marketing is becoming a cumbersome one-sided conversation that is becoming all too easy to ignore. We are at an age where people what to have a conversation, communicate back and forth, discuss matters that are near and dear, and email just doesn’t allow for that kind of flow. The fast rise of Facebook Messenger chatbots is a prime example of how the world is changing. These automated sequences are gaining in popularity due large in part to the fact that they allow and encourage more of a two-sided communication. Let’s face it, human beings love interacting; even if it’s just with artificial intelligence! The aspect of providing immediate assistance is also key to the rise of these chatbots, people just don’t want to wait to be served anymore, they want to talk to someone, and they want to talk now! Just having the feel of someone or something on the other end that will respond to one’s immediate needs, ask them relevant questions and direct them accordingly helps people feel like they are being heard in a world where it’s getting harder and harder for a single voice to rise above the noise. Employing the use of a chatbot might seem strange and impersonal to some business owners, but first, ask yourself this: are you available to connect with clients and leads 24/7, and in the off chance you are, do you even really want to be? If your business is going in the standard entrepreneur’s dream trajectory, there comes a time where you want to leave basic customer service tasks to systems that are better able to handle them no matter the time of day, and chatbots are just that kind of system. Whether you highlight the “Send Message” aspect of your Facebook business page or have the live chat button on your website, the ability to automate and delegate mundane tasks like setting appointments and qualifying leads or mass marketing promotions gives you more time to work on your business and not just in it. Next time you’re looking at your inbox and seeing that dreaded number of unopened emails, ask yourself what it would take for you to interact with those businesses or people more than you currently are. Better content? A more personal touch? Now take those thoughts and use it to build an interactive experience that would make anyone want to spend more time connecting with your business!