Woohoo! You're well on your way to creating an engaging, lead filled Facebook page!

I will send you link to load the template into your account shortly, (each link is unique and can only be used by one person and only once). In the meantime, please watch this quick video to make sure you setup and configure your chatbot correctly…

Quick Start Guide:

1. If you don’t already have one, get a free Chatfuel account @ www.chatfuel.com (your account should be linked to the personal Facebook account that runs the Facebook page you want to connect the chatbot to)

 2. While logged into your Chatfuel account, click on the “Chatbot Download Link” in the email you will be recieving shortly to import the chatbot into your account

3. Once the chatbot is in your account, head to the Chatfuel dashboard (you can click on the logo in the top left hand-side of the window to get back to it). In the list of the bots in your account, head to the “Real Estate Light” chatbot and mouse over on the 3 dots on the top right of the chatbot link and click on “CLONE”, and give it your new chatbot clone a name. 

4. PS: You MUST CLONE the chatbot before editing, and make your edits on the cloned chatbot ONLY as you will be loosing access to the original within a day or two.

5. Now you’re ready to start editing your bot! Check out the video above for a quick run down of how to use your new marketing tool.


No time to set it up yourself? I can customize your chatbot and connect it to your page with up to 5 listings for only $67 US

Need a more premium, done for you chatbot template?

Need some help setting up your chatbot and using it for online ads campaigns? Chatbots are excellent way to engage potential clients with interactive and intuitive automated conversations. Get the premium Real Estate Lead Generation Chatbot with several new lead generation sequences tailored to specific audiences to better streamline your marketing messages. Create ads geared towards empty nesters, new buyers and those looking for more affordable homes and steer them towards a chatbot that speaks to their specific needs.


Lead Magnet Sequences 

Facebook’s concept of micro-targeting means that you can more easily speak to the specific life events and needs of certain members of your target audience. The REAL ESTATE CHATBOT includes several lead magnet sequences that can be used in conjunction with Facebook Ads to help you better market your services to niche audiences.

Moving to a bigger place

This lead magnet can be targeted to people with new children or several young children living in areas with smaller sized homes. This sequence can be attached to a Facebook ad that shows houses over a particular square footage that is larger than that of target’s neighbourhood.  

Empty nesters

Target sellers that are 50+ with grown children in areas with large homes to see if they are interested in getting a free home evaluation and taking the step further to sell their home.

Starter homes

Get buyer leads by targeting renters in your area with this sequence. Works well in areas where the price of owning is significantly less than renting. You can also narrow down your targeting to people in their late 20’s to early 30’s who have professional jobs or have recently gotten a new job or promotion.

Reduced homes

People are always in the market for a deal, send them a link to some of the recently reduced homes in the area and follow up with asking for their specific home requirements so that you can provide them a more specifc list of possible homes.


Download the free version of the REAL ESTATE LEAD GENERATION CHATBOT template built in Chatfuel and customize and set it up yourself or have me set it up for you with full Zapier integration and addition of customer chat plugin for your website.

I setup and personalize for you

Get basic introduction block that includes:
  • Welcome
  • Seller lead form
  • Links to blocks:
  • Listings (leads to block of your listings with link to each’s own block)
  • Buyer lead form
  • Lead Magnet Sequences:
      • Starter Homes (from above as stand-alone lead magnet)
      • Larger Home (lead magnet 3 day sequence)
      • Empty Nesters (lead magnet 3 day sequence)
      • Reduced Prices (lead magnet 3 day sequence)
      • Free Home Evaluation (stand-alone lead magnet)
  • Book Appointment Block (leads to your site/online calendar system)
  • Review/Feedback form
  • Zapier Integration to Google Sheets or Other compatible software
  • Set up of basic AI
  • Set up of customer chat plugin for your website (if possible)

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✓ 3 follow up sequences

✓ Basic AI integration 

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