real estate chatbot

Need more qualified leads from Facebook? Turn your page into a lead capture machine with a FREE Real Estate chatbot template!

Put your Facebook page to work to capture and qualify leads quickly, 24/7! 

The REAL ESTATE LEAD GENERATION CHATBOT was designed to be the automated virtual assistant for your real estate business. 
Capture, qualify leads and showcase your listings, quickly and effectively without requiring people to leave Facebook

Stop spending money on:

❌ fancy landing page software and websites

❌ buying leads from Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com

…and turn your own Facebook page into the ultimate lead capture machine! 

This starter chatbot template includes:

   •  Welcome page with live chat setup
   •  Seller lead form
   •  Buyer lead form
   •  Listing showcase block
   •  Starter homes lead generation block
   •  Family Homes (leads to block of listings or website)
   •  Luxury Homes (leads to block of listings or website)
   •  Book Appointment section (leads to your site/online calendar system)

real estate chatbot template